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Remember, we are OHANA, and we value your opinion. Hence, we provide you a medium to communicate easier with the committee members and the other way round.

What’s next?
Step 1: Get your mobile phones, smart phones, iPhones etc. out.
Step 2: Save 07402055648 as MSSCF Hotline into your list of contacts.

MSSCF Hotline is available only from 10am to 6pm on weekdays (Monday – Friday).

*Note: Only texts is accepted. Any calls to MSSCF Hotline will not be entertained.

1. MSSCF Hotline is only for matters related to MSSCF.
2. Necessary (legal) actions will be taken on any misuse or abuse of MSSCF Hotline, depending on the gravity of the matter.

UNIKL Lectureship 2011



Universiti Kuala Lumpur, a university wholly owned by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) is looking for ambitious, committed and knowledge savvy candidates to be offered the scholarship to pursue Post Graduate programs (Master & PhD) under MARA sponsorship for UniKL Lectureship Scheme and will eventually be part of our dynamic academic team.


Outstanding academic performance (Bachelor Degree – minimum CGPA 3.00 or Second Class Upper Division, or Master Degree by Research) in any of the discipline below:

1. Engineering (Electrical / Electronics / Mechanical /Mechatronic / Manufacturing /

Chemical / Environment / Marine / Aviation )

2. Information Technology (Software, Information System ,Telecommunication, Multimedia)

3. Business (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneur, Logistics, Supply Chain)

To present your research proposal or research interests particularly in the chosen field of study,

Must also hold outstanding involvement in extracurricular activities,

Must not simultaneously hold other scholarships funded by other sponsoring bodies,

Agree to sign the service bond agreement with MARA and UniKL.

If you are, UniKL graduates or final year students, final year MARA SPC holders or

Malaysian Bumiputra students (with no agreement with other sponsoring bodies), we invite you to submit a comprehensive resume detailing on your academic and extracurricular achievements with current passport size photograph via e-mail to: or not later than 15 MAY 2011.

Please state “UniKL Lecturership Scheme” as the subject.

Only short-listed candidates will be called for the interview via email which will be held in MARA office, London by end of May 2011 and Kuala Lumpur in July 2011.

That’s a lot of information to digest…
Anyhow, don’t forget to secure your CROWNight seats,
and all the best in exams!!

New Reign Begin

Hello hello to all our beloved members of MSSCF!!! Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather of the Easter week.

Here we are to present to you your latest Committee 2011/2012. We promise you a greater and more fulfilling 2011/2012 term. TERIMA KASIH very much to all of you who supported and voted for us.

Hugo Tan

Vice President:
Augustine Tan

Erica Teh

Sean Liang

Public Relations Officer:
Syafiqah Harun

Welfare Officer:
Amy Lai

Event Organisers:
Stephanie Wong
Aqil Ariffin

Sports Secretaries:
Liyana Syazwani
Ivan Lim

Social Secretaries:
Li Ching Cheok
Anisa Rahim

IT Director:
Wan Irfhan

We hope that all of you will continue to support MSSCF and together, as a team, as a family, we will ensure that your Cardiff experience will be taken up a notch!! =D


2. I Love You, You Love Me

MSSCF, your home away from home!!

Let us know what you think, what you want – that is what we call OHANA, family… =)

Spare us a few minutes of your time to fill out this survey here, and we promise you that you will see results of it.


‘Til the next time… Happy Holidays!!!

MSSCF Committee Election 2011/12 – Info pack

Procedures for Candidates

Candidates will have a Speech Time, an Individual Q&A slot, and a Group Q&A session.

Candidates running for the position of PRESIDENT will be given 5 Minutes per candidate for their speech time, 5 Minutes for their Individual Q&A Session, and 7 Minutes for Group Q&A Session.
Candidates for All Other Position will have 3 Minutes for their Speech, 3 Minutes of Individual Q&A time, and 5 Minutes of Group Q&A.
ONE Time Extension per Position for Group Q&A can be motioned for by the members. If the motion passes, the time for Group Q&A will be extended for a further 3 Minutes. A simple majority is required for the motion to pass.
Those who are interested in running for the election but missed the dateline may turn up on that day itself. We will reopen the nomination prior to the starting of the election. So long as there is one member who nominates you and another who seconds the nomination, you are eligible to run in the election.
SPEECH TIME can be used to explain and elaborate on your manifesto, convince why people should vote for you, and tell them why you are better than your opponent.

INDIVIDUAL Q&A TIME is where the members may ridicule your manifesto and question the arguments put forward by you during speech time. Be well prepared to back up what you said.

GROUP Q&A TIME brings all candidates for the same position together and question them at the same time. Members can compare answers given by each candidate for the same question and determine which answer is to their liking. (Can be extended once per Position. The time extension is 3 minutes.)

Decorum for Members

Only REGISTERED MEMBERS of MSSCF will be allowed into the AGM.
Please remain silent when the candidates are talking. You are only allowed to ask questions during the Individual Q&A time and Group Q&A time. NEVER interrupt the candidates during their Speech. It is just plain rude and disrespectful to them.
Please silent your Mobile Phone as you enter the venue.
All members can cast ONE vote per Position. If you think none of the candidates are suitable for the position they are running for, you may choose to vote for Reopen Nomination (RON). Reopening Nomination means you can reselect candidates for the position.
Your choice of a new candidate is limited to those who are present in the AGM, and subject to another member seconding the nomination of the new candidate. The new candidate must accept or reject the nomination on the spot.
For those of you who wish to run for an uncontested position, or think that you can outperform the current candidate on the list, you may prepare your own manifesto for the position and bring it along that day. Do take note that if you want to run for a contested position on that day, a majority of the members must vote for RON for that specific position, and you must have one member nominating you and one other member who seconds the nomination.
You can request to extend the time for Group Q&A. Each Position will be allowed one Time Extension, subject to a simple majority vote by the members. The request can be made at the end of the Group Q&A session.
Now then, without further ado, we present you the list of the Committee Candidates!

Click on their names for to read their manifesto.
1) Hugo Tan

1) Augestine Tan

1) Erica

1) Sean Liang

1) Aqil Ariffin
2) Stephanie Wong

1) Wan Norafifah
2) Anisa Rahim

1) Liyana Syazwani
2) Ivan Lim

1) Amy Lai

1) Shafiqah Harun

New Cardiff European Games Poster

CEG poster design by one of MSSCF members: Kok Tian

Best Society